Welcome to Season One of Tayo Na!

This season, we share the stories of Filipino Canadians in the social and community work sector. You can expect to listen to how the Network got started, getting to know our coordinators, CASWE Roundtable talks, conversations about grief, decolonization, and tech. 

Welcome to the pilot episode of Tayo Na (Our Turn): Social & Community Worker Perspectives, formerly titled Ikaw Na (Your Turn). Hear from Dr. Ilyan Ferrer, Monica Batac, Dr. Fritz Pino, and Veronica Javier discuss how this Network got started. Join the conversation, as the network looks to meet practitioners interested to share their stories and experiences in the field! 

This is Part 1 of a special 2-part episode, where members of the FCSCWN hosted a roundtable discussion at the recent  Canadian Association for Social Work Education conference in Toronto in June 2023.

This is Part 2 of a special 2-part episode, where members of the FCSCWN reflect on their conversation circle from the first part of this special episode. Listen to it above! 

Welcome to an exciting episode of Tayo Na! Social & Community Worker Perspectives. Get to know our awesome team of coordinators: Alyssa Schenk, research coordinator. Ashley Saulog, outreach coordinator, and Esther Dimalanta, the website coordinator!

Hello and a warm welcome back to Tayo Na! Social & Community Worker Perspectives. Join us in a conversation about grief with Monica Vera.


Thanks for joining us for this illuminating episode of Tayo Na! Social & Community Workers Perspective. Listen to Shella guide us through her experiences in Field Education and what it might look like to start decolonizing this area of Social Work!

Thanks for joining us on this episode of Tayo Na! Our host Ashley dives in with Anabelle Ragsag, PhD student, mother, community worker, and researcher, to discuss why social and community workers should care about the new technologies introduced in the social welfare system. 


Tune into Nellie Alcaraz and Dr. Ilyan Ferrer’s conversation about advocating for migrant’s rights. Nellie is a community organizer and a migrant rights advocate. She is currently completing her Ph.D. at McGill University’s School of Social Work.


Listen in on Sherjan Maybanting’s reflections on migrant expereinces in rural Saskatchewan and his thoughts on Filipino Canadian’s positionality and roles as settlers in colonial system of Canada.

Join us for the season finale of the first season of Tayo Na! What better way to end the season but with a live episode recording? Using a balance of humour and heart, this live recording sheds a light on the real-life inspirations that drove the stories behind newly published novel, Reuniting with Strangers, written by Jennilee Austria-Bonifacio. 

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