Tune into the Filipino/a/x Canadian Social and Community Workers Network's very own podcast.

Hello and welcome to Tayo Na! A podcast that unearths Filipino Canadian Social and Community workers perspectives. This series is brought to you by the Filipino Canadian Social and Community Workers Network! 


Tayo na translates to “our turn” in Tagalog. In this podcast, we hope to share the unique kwentos or stories of the Filipino Canadian experience in the social and community work sector, as academics and practitioners. We are so excited to have you along with us on this journey.

The background is a gradient of yellow, blue, and red. The foreground has text that says "Tayo Na!" with a sub text that reads "social & community work perspectives". There is a small logo at the bottom of the image.
Upcoming Episodes

Sherjan Maybanting


Perla Javate


Marichu Antonio & Cesar Cala


Social Work Leadership


Organizational Change

Disability and Illness